It all started over a decade ago... Yet, after all this time of working intimately with the olive and its oil, each fall I am enchanted by the collective creation of the trees, the sun, the workers in the fields, and the artisan millers. The oils we made marked each year with distinctive dishes and memorable dinners enjoyed with friends. The same was true of our cured olives, which often revealed hidden, mysterious flavors…

Some of my greatest pleasure has come from making, blending, and tasting oils, cooking with olives and olive oil, and teaching and writing about them. I was fortunate to have worked as co–developer of the award winning Apollo Olive Oil in California's Sierra Nevada foothills, where I was initiated into olive oil making.

My education was further deepened by studying with Dr. Marco Mugelli of Tuscany, a leading expert in the field. Learning never ends, and it continues through my involvement with the California Olive Oil Council and working with fellow producers and experts from all over the world. I am now happy to harvest the fruits of this adventure and share it with you.



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